3D Nail Art

3D nail art was started in Japan as part of the Japanese nail art style, but it is quickly becoming more and more popular outside Japan. It's crazy, inspiring and some looks go completely beyond the parameters of reality. This truly is fantasy beauty. So awesome!

To learn more about Japanese nail art visit the info page to learn how to get your hands on the magazines (which are amazing, by the way), try to do it yourself or find a salon near you that does 3d nail art. The Japanese magazines are full of designs that will blow your mind. They're a bit pricey to get your hands on, but all the photos are so worth it! I'm currently waiting for a shipment of acrylics and once they get here I'll be posting all sorts of tutorials, so keep checking back! As cool as it looks, I can't help wondering how these women button up their jeans, scratch their nose or do the dishes!

Get Inspired - Japanese 3d Nail Art Gallery

3d Japanese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Unicorn Nail Art
Pink 3d Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Pink 3d Nail Art
3d Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Cute 3d Nail Art
3d Nail Art Rhinestone Nail Art Tokyo Nail Expo 2009
3d Nail Art now THAT'S 3d! Kawaii Nails
3d Nail Art Rhinestone Nail Art Hello Kitty Nails

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These galleries are a work in progress but I need your help! If you would like to see your work posted here, email me!

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