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This is me!

Hello there! My name is Lisa and I'm the girl behind the glittery curtain here at Nail Art 101. I'm a certified nail technician who got really bored making artificial french tip nails and ran away to join the nail art circus. I’ve always enjoyed finding ways to make my nails, and myself, stand out from the crowd. Why blend in when you can sparkle? Even when I was a kid I used to break into my mom’s nail supplies and use all her mermaid water decals. I started doing more complicated nail art in 2010 and never looked back. Eventually I was spending so much time trying to explain to the women I met how I did a pastel gradient on my nails, that this site just seemed like the most logical next step.

Since Nail Art 101 began in 2011 it has become one of the most popular nail art resources on the internet. I love sharing tutorials with girls and women of all ages and seeing them utilize the techniques they’ve learned from this site. Girls have emailed me from India to Colombia telling me how my website and doing nail art has inspired them and helped break them out of their shell. This is the ultimate reward for me. My passion in life is finding ways to express yourself in a unique, colorful manner and nail art is a great place to begin. It might start with a simple leopard print manicure, but once you realize how fun it is to be fabulous you’ll be wearing hot pink lipstick and rainbow wigs in no time!

This is me!

My first nail polish collection was released in collaboration with Nailtini this April and is still available through their website for a limited time. It’s a three piece collection inspired by my beautiful readers and glittery life. It also comes with two mixing bottles so you can start whipping up your own creations!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and if you’re a first time reader here is a great place to start!

Official Bio

This is me!

Nail Art 101 is the online one stop shop for everything to do with the world of nail art. It’s writer, Lisa, has been referred to as “a veritable master of nail art and one of today's most admired and followed nail experts” by popular beauty brand Nailtini and was voted one of the Ten Best Nail Blogs by DropDeadGorgeousDaily.com. What started as a small personal project has grown into a serious heavy hitter in the nail industry getting tens of thousands of unique visitors every month. Lisa has collaborated with all types of clients, from Red Carpet Manicure to HalloweenCostumes.com. Her ability to relate just about anything in the world back to nail art makes her a great ambassador for the genre and a great collaborator for businesses from all walks of life.

Nail Art 101 offers something for everyone. You can find tutorials for the absolute beginner and more complicated designs that would make the average person break out in a cold sweat. Lisa is also a passionate advocate for nail health and there is a plethora of information available on Nail Art 101 about how to take care of your grubby old nails and get them looking gorgeous. If you’re unsure about where to buy, Lisa has spent more money than she would probably care to admit on nail supplies. She has dealt with every major nail supplier on the internet and can tell you who’s awesome and who to avoid.

Lisa’s focus has always been on building a strong, personal relationship with her fans. She believes in staying in touch on social media, answering every email and sharing their photos with the world like a proud parent. This has led to a fiercely loyal following that would rather get their nail art information from her than anywhere else on the web.

With several projects in the works and a growing following on youtube and facebook, Nail Art 101 is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon!


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Reader Testimonials

"Hi! My name is Rosie and I just want to say thanks for your awesome tutorials! I do not have a steady hand and I'm not artistic, but since I started trying some of your tutorials, I have been getting compliments all over the place! I haven't done my nails in a long time and when I started to again, it boosted my confidence and made me feel even more feminine and fabulous...so your tutorials do MORE than just show how to do nail art!" - Rosalinda N

"I absolutely love your site. I seriously can't get enough of it! Your site is so cool and inspiring. I get so many creative ideas because of you! Thanks so much! I always thought nail art was so difficult, but your tutorials make it so much easier!" - Avery D

"You made it easy to do what looked hard. I Love the tutorials." - Melissa M

"I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Your blogging tips are all things I need to work on in my own blog and will be something I am looking to resolve in the future. Your tutorials are amazing as well and I think I can take what I’'ve learned there and apply it to my own looks."- Rachel S

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The Beginning

Just for fun, and because it makes me giggle, here is one of my first attempts at nail art. Look at the shape of my nails! Did I even own a file?!
My first try at nail art!

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