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Get out your credit's time to buy nail art stuff! I honestly believe the best way to shop for nail art is online. The prices are just so much cheaper than the beauty supply stores, and the selection is endless! I've compiled a list of my favorite places to buy nail art stuff, along with some of my favorite artists who will paint gorgeous nails for you!

Christmas Nail Art Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect gift for the nail art lover in your life? Here's my top 5 picks for Christmas nail art gifts!

Nail Art Supplies

Amazon Nail Art

Everybody knows and loves Amazon. This is my favorite place to get nail art tools. Things like brushes, dotting tools and files can be found for a great price. The quality is more trustworthy than some of the anonymous sellers on Ebay, and the shipping is fast and reliable. The prices can fluctuate on things like rhinestones and studs, though. I have other favorite shops for that!

Dollar nail art has an amazing selection of studs, rhinestones, gems, and any other cute thing you could want to stick on your nails. They also have a great selection of foils and striping tape. The name sort of explains it all...everything is a dollar! Be careful, though, as you could end up getting stuck with a rather large duty and/or delivery fee, depending on where you live.

Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store is a very popular resource in the nail art world. They sell everything from flocking powder to bows to mini hex glitters. Their prices are reasonable and delivery is free, although it can take ages!

Nail Polish

Nail Polish Canada
Nail Polish Canada

I love Nail Polish Canada so much. They have a great selection of polishes that can be really expensive or hard to find in Canada. The delivery is free for Canadian orders over $25 and, if you're anything like me, you're probably going to teach that limit pretty quick! This is the site I've gotten all my holo polishes from, and I adore them!

Ninja Polish

Ninja Polish features a lot of cool indie polishes. Their stock includes names like Picture Polish, Nerd Lacquer, Jindie Nails and much more. They also carry the famous and elsuive "Floam" polish, but it's usually out of stock because it's just that popular!

Handpainted Nails

Diy Nails
DIY Nails

DIY nails is a handpainted nails business based out of Scotland and run by an awesome girl named Tammy. I love her style of nail art and she's recently branched out to include nail art supplies including some really cool nail decals!

There is just so many talented girls selling hand made nails on Etsy! The above links to the search result for handpainted nail art, but my personal favorite is Never Too Much Glitter.

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