Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Difficulty - Beginner/Intermediate

Christmas nail art is a great way to show your holiday spirit, without becoming one of those crazy Christmas people (like me)! I'm going to be adding tutorials all month, sort of like a Nail Art 101 advent calendar! There will be candy cane nails, a little Rudolph, Santa, a Christmas tree with microbeads and lots more! Have fun with these and I hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas filled with sequins and Seche Vite!

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • If you want to spice up this tutorial a bit, try an ombre base! Just check out the Ombre Nails tutorial.
  • Remember, all snowflakes are different so get creative and play around with different shapes.
  • Since this is such detailed line work, the thinner the brush the better!
  • If you make a mistake with the white detailing, just cover it up with a bit of red polish!
  • Another way to spice it up is to go over the snowflake with silver glitter. Or just dab a bit here and there so it has a bit of sparkle. It's Christmas, you can always add sparkles!

  • Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

    Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you leave enough space in between the green lines so you can fit in the white!
  • Painting straight lines can be tricky, just take a deep breath and paint it in one quick sweep.
  • If your glitter base is gritty and hard to paint on, do a layer of top coat before you start the stripes.

  • Rudolph Nail Art Tutorial

    Tips & Tricks

  • You can reverse this so Rudolph is at the tip of your nail, rather than the base. I just like to have his little face looking at me! :)
  • Use a large dotting tool for the white eye dots, it will help keep the shape uniform.
  • Try not to make the dot for the nose quite as big a blob as I took forever to dry!

  • Holly Nail Art Tutorial

    Tips & Tricks

  • This simple, classic holly design can spice up all sorts of christmas manis! It's a great way to fill empty space on the nail.
  • If you don't have rhinestones, just use some red polish and a dotting tool.

  • Christmas Nail Art
    The finished product.

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    Still have some questions about your Christmas nail art? Send me an email or ask in the facebook comments below and I'll talk you through any problems you're having.

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