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Difficulty - Beginner

Floral Nail Art is a staple in any artists arsenal. The cute, mod flowers are deceptively simple to do, and give such a great look! All you need is some fun colors and a dotting tool and you're ready to flower it up. The roses are a bit more challenging, but are totally worth mastering. They're so cute! Don't be discouraged if it's not exactly what you want the first time, practise make perfect. You should see some of the terrible flowers I've painted in my day!

For these tutorials I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Lacey Lilac, Deep Purple and Mint Sorbet.

Easy Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Rose Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't have a dotting tool? No problem! I did this whole look with the head of a bobby pin.
  • Don't be afraid to mix up your color combos.
  • For a simpler version of the mod floral nail art, skip the lighter dots and just do a center dot.
  • For the lines on the roses I suggest a fine brush but a toothpick will work in a pinch.
  • Bundle Monster does a rose stamp on their BM12 plate that will give a similar effect if you're not a fan of hand painting.
  • If you really hate hand painting, try some rhinestones! Floral nail art with rhinestones

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Roses and Stripes Neon Dot Flowers Quick and Cute

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Floral Nail Art
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Floral Nail Art
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