Glitter Gradient Tutorial

Difficulty - Intermediate

This glitter gradient tutorial is not very subtle or understated in the least!. It's pretty much sparkles, then more sparkles topped off with a load of rhinestones! This is a perfect idea for New Years Eve nails or a special event where you want to sparkle...literally. The rhinestones used in this tutorial are from a bunch of different places (my collection is out of control!) but you can find most on ebay, bornprettystore or, as always, on the right side bar of the tutorial.

In this tutorial I used Thyme For a Mani, Meet Me at The Disco, and Justa Pinch of Glitter all from the Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town Collection.

Glitter Gradient Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • If you're feeling a bit confused by the idea of "spongeing" check out the Ombre Nails tutorial.
  • When it comes to manis like this, more is more! Add the rhinestones in whatever shape looks good to you!
  • With glitter gradients I find it's best to start with fine glitters and add some chunkier glitters at the tips. Makes for smoother blending!
  • Play around with the color of your base...glitter goes with everything!

  • Glitter Gradient
    The finished product.

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