Glitter Gradient Nails Tutorial

Difficulty - Advanced

Glitter Gradient nails are so pretty! There's a couple different techinques to getting the effect. What I've done in the video below is create a glitter nail entirely using loose glitter. You can also achieve this look with glitter polish, which I'll be making a tutorial for soon enough. For now, this tutorial should help you with that look. The reason I prefer working with loose glitter is it gives you an intense, super sparkly shine that is hard to recreate with polish.

You'll notice with this tutorial I haven't done my usual step by step photos. I didn't forget to take pictures! ;) I just couldn't seem to get the idea across in photos, you have to see it in motion, so I made a video! Also, the glitter I used is from Claire's Accessories.

Tips & Tricks

  • If your glitter is going on lumpy, pick up a bit more polish on the brush and blend it through the glitter to smooth it out.
  • You should wipe the brush in between each dip to keep your polish clean OR I have a bunch of crappy, tiny bottles of top coat from the dollar store that I use for circumstances just like this!
  • To get the glitter gradient really smooth, brush over and over so the colors blend nicely.
  • Pay attention to the very tips of your nails, that was the first place I lost my glitter. :(
  • Beware of "over gooping" your glitter. You don't want an inch of glitter on your nails!
  • My secret to getting rhinestones to stick to my brush when I'm picking them up? Lick your brush! Not as sticky as polish, but enough to pick them up.

Glitter Gradient nails
The finished product

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Still have some questions? Send me an email and I'll talk you through any problems you're having. Don't forget to email me a photo of your glitter gradient nails!

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