Glitter Sandwich Tutorial

Difficulty - Beginner

Glitter nail art is so pretty, and the "glitter sandwich" is the prettiest of all. It's basically just layers of glitter and sheer polish, but it gives so much more depth than just layering glitter over plain polish. I've done some pretty cool nails before, but I honestly can't stop staring at these. They're like Flintones in Vegas or something! If you tend to shy away from glitter because it's such a nightmare to remove, I've got helpful tips on removing it at the bottom of this page.

Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • If you hate taking off glitter sandwich polish, here's a how to from the glitter queen herself: Deborah Lippman. Soak a cotton ball in remover/acetone, put it around your nail and wrap your finger in tin foil. Wait 15 minutes, and slide the whole thing off. It's amazing how well it works.
  • Try different types of glitter in the layers for more depth.
  • I find the larger the glitter chunks, the more effective it is for this look.
  • This is a really good way to sort of "franken" glitter polishes that are really expensive. I'm looking at you, Deborah Lippman.
  • Flakies look awesome in "sandwiches" as well. Nubar 2010 is so gorgeous with pretty much any polish.
  • Some sheer polishes are also called "Jelly" polishes, that might help your googling!

Remove glitter polish without losing your mind and wasting a million cotton pads. Bonus points that it sort of makes you feel like a robot!

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