Half Moon Nails Tutorial

Difficulty - Beginner

Half moon nails are a vintage, retro look that's so easy to do! Your fun fact of the day? Women started doing half moon manicures because it was considered indecent the have the entire nail painted. I wonder what people in the old days would have made of Japanese nail art?! Regardless, thanks to celebrities like Dita Von Teese and designers like Ruffian, half moons are very much back in style.

For this tutorial I used China Glaze in Make An Extrance, American Apparel Laquer in Smoke Dazzle, Manicure Guide stickers from the dollar store and Seche Vite top coat.

Half Moon Nails Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • I used some french manicure guide stickers I got at the dollar store, but what works even better is binder reinforcers (aka hole punch enforcers). You might remember those from your school days. They're easy to find and cheap! If you're using those, just cut them in half and stick them on!
  • Some other tutorials I've seen online say to wait until your polish is completely dry before removing the stickers, but I've always had good results with removing while wet.
  • The "original" vintage look is with your natural half moon of your nail on the bottom, it's beautiful.
  • Always make sure your polish is completely dry before pressing on the stickers or you'll smudge your base color.
  • Try to choose a polish that will go on opaque in one coat, because you can only really do one so the polish is still wet when you peel the sticker off.

Half Moon Nails
The finished product.

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