Needle Marble Nails Tutorial

Difficulty - Intermediate

Needle marbled nails (also known as "Needle Dragging" is a great way to get a marbled look on your nails especially if you don't have the time or patience to do water marbling. This tutorial shows a zig za design that leaves you with sharp, thin lines but this technique also works really well for a tie-dyed effect. Play around and see what kind of shapes you can make!

In this tutorial I used Barry M Instant Effects Gold Foil, Orly Rock-It and an old shimmery brown OPI polish with no label.

Needle Marble Nails Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • Try out different tools. Needles, pins, thumb tacks, toothpicks...I used the little tool you use to unclog nail art pens!
  • Make sure your polish is on nice and thick so they move around easily. Don't worry about messing up your cuticles, just tidy them up with acetone after you're done.
  • The angle you hold the needle at will affect the type of line you get. I held mine at a 45 degree(ish!) angle.
  • Prefer a video? No problem!

Needle MArble Nail Art
The Finished Product

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