Newspaper Nails Tutorial

Difficulty - Beginner

Newspaper nails are so easy to do. No polish required (well...aside from a base color!) This is a perfect tutorial for someone just starting to do nail art! I've seen think look around the internet but hadn't tried it and I was pleasantly surprised with how fast and easy it was. I haven't tried it with magazines or pictures, but why not experiment and try out some new looks?

In this tutorial I used Beauty UK in White, The Sun Newspaper, Cheap Vodka and Filthy Gorgeous top coat.

Newspaper Nails Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • I used Vodka for this, but you can also use rubbing alcohol. Some people have even used mouthwash!
  • Keep a cotton pad with remover at hand so you can quickly wipe away any mistakes. A couple I tried didn't work out very well, but the newspaper ink wipes away quite easily.
  • Once you apply the newspaper to your nail, don't move it or your letters will get blurred. Just gently roll your finger over the nail.
  • If the paper isn't wet enough, just add another drop of alcohol with your finger.
  • Make sure your letters are all the right way up. I put some of mine on upside down!

Newspaper Nail Art
The Finished Product

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Still have some questions? Send me an email and I'll talk you through any problems you're having. Don't forget to email me a photo of your Newspaper Nails so I can feature them here!

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