Ombre Nails Tutorial

Difficulty - Intermediate

Ombre nails are nails with a graduated fading color technique. It's a french word meaning "shade" or "shadow". They can also be referred to as "gradient nails" or "faded nails". Ombré nails are fast becoming a very popular trend being featured on nails during fashion week and the covers of magazines. It's a fairly simple technique, but it's one that requires patience. Slow and steady wins the race!

Ombre Nails Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • Any colors will work, but I was inspired by Jen Kao's runway nails.
  • If you feel you've added a bit too much of your second color, you can take a q-tip dipped in acetone and gently rub away some color to improve the fading. You can also dab on a bit more of your first color if you've gone too far down the nail.
  • Make sure you don't have too much polish on your sponge, a little goes a long way.
  • You also do glitter ombre nails, which has been a very popular look lately, I'll do a tutorial for that soon!
  • You can do lots of colors! In the video tutorial below I'm using five different shades to get a rainbow look.

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Jen Kao Nails Jen Kao SS'12 Diego Binetti Diego Binetti Sephora by OPI
Sephora by OPI

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