Tribal Nails Tutorial

Difficulty - Advanced

I've been putting off making a tribal nails tutorial for a long time, because if I'm perfectly honest...I hate doing tribal nails! Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and this style of nail just doesn't mesh with me! But I want to give you guys as many tutorials as possible, especially when they're requested so here you go! Just don't judge me!

In this tutorial I used Gosh Holographic Hero and a black nail art pen from ebay. This type of nail art does require some tools that will help you create the fine details. If you want to know more about nail art pens, check out this article!

Tribal Nails Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • Tribal nails are so flexible and customizable to the artist. Try doodling on a piece of paper before you paint so you can experiment with different patterns that work for you.
  • Instead of doing all your designs in black like I did, try out a few complimenting colors to really spice it up!
  • Play around with the color of your base. Rainbow stribes or a rainbow base can make your nails pop!
  • Try mixing different patterns together. Do half tribal, half leopard or whatever feels cool to you!

  • Tribal Nails
    The finished product.

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