Zebra Nail Art Tutorial

Difficulty - Intermediate

Zebra nail art is such a staple. It goes with everything, works in every color and manages to be a totally neutral pattern. All hail the zebra! This tutorial works best with a long, thin brush for the stripes, you can find a good one in the craft section of most Wal Marts!

In this tutorial I used China Glaze Spontaneous, ACO Ballet Shoes, Barry M Instant Nail Effects Gold foil and a Kiss nail art brush in Black.

Zebra Nail Art Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

  • If you want to do an ombre base, but you don't know how check out the Ombre Nails tutorial.
  • Don't worry about it being perfectly symmetrical. Nature isn't always perfect!!
  • Like the look of zebra but hand painting isn't your thing? Konad has a plate that does a perfect zebra stamp every time. You can find a link in the sidebar on the right.

  • Zebra Nail Art
    The finished product.

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